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OLCA. In: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. Actions by Drynet Members. Drynet, October 2015. pp. 80-86

Octubre de 2015

The defense of an Andean glacier ecosystem by the Huasco Valley communities in the southern Atacama Desert

Ten years ago the Huasco Valley communities held their first public demonstration against the establishment of a gold mining project on glaciers that are their main source of fresh water. At that time they stated that this was the first of a string of activities that they would engage in until they achieved closure of the project. The Huasco valley is located south of Chile’s Atacama Desert and its inhabitants live mainly on small scale agriculture and livestock farming. As well as having a deep appreciation for the value of glaciers as water and landscape resources, local communities recognise their influence on climate and their importance as indicators of climate change.

Since that first demonstration, community and social organisations in the valley have succeeded in preventing the launch of the mining project. However, over the last five years, mining exploration activities and the building of roads and facilities have caused serious environmental damage to the glaciers and water systems in the area. Farmers have been reporting crop losses due to contamination of water by sediments from mining activities, which contributes to further land degradation and increases desertification processes in the region.

Affected farmers and communities took their case to environmental courts, where they demanded that the mining project be stopped because of the severe and irreversible impacts on a group of glaciers that feed the rivers and springs that sustain life and agricultural activities. Since the creation of environmental tribunals in 2012, this is the first lawsuit by affected communities. From the beginning of the conflict, OLCA has been collaborating with the communities of Huasco Valley in the defense of their livelihoods, which are seriously threatened by these types of projects.
The development of this conflict is being followed with considerable interest by local and regional stakeholders, because similar situations are occurring in other valleys.

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